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Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Hello and welcome!

I’m writing Second Seconds very first blog post for our brand spanking new website, and I couldn’t be more excited! Second Seconds have wanted to launch their own website for so, so long and we’re just chuffed to bits that its finally in action. An online platform felt important for a ton of reasons.

First and foremost, creating accessibility is key to us. So if you’re wanting to get ya mits on some sweet pieces, but you’re not a Depopper, don’t sweat it, we got you! Our Instagram (@secondseconds_, if you wondering) will be loaded with swipe up links and to click to shop images– it’s all about ease, baby!

Second on the agenda, creating a community. There’s strong feelings at the Second Seconds HQ about designing a space where creatives can communicate their passions with like-minded folk. From reading and creating to think pieces and styling articles, our blog aims to have a lil something to suit a variety of tastes.

Which brings us to the last point on the agenda, zeitgeists, atheistic and content. We want to motivate getting your creative juices flowing. As our buyer has her finger in many fashion pies and gets inspired by everything, Second Seconds tends to host a real eclectic mix of stock – which sometimes can be hard to navigate. We want to create content that will get you inspired to try something new or just to find something that feels like you. We’re talking mood boards, editorials, styling videos and more!

And with that, we’ll end our first post, hoping your just as excited as we are.

SSs x

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