Tips for working from home: Even if you think you don’t need them.

Updated: Mar 25

Tips for working from home: Even if you think you don’t need them.

Hello my babies. I bet when we all first stepped into 2020, we didn’t think we’d be here. Unless you’re a psychic, future predictor or conspiracy theorist – in which case I’m sure you’ve spent this past week or so telling lots of people ‘I told you so’. Anyway, I understand many are trying to avoid any Coronavirus talk so consider this my last mention of it.

At the start of this year I left my previous employment to peruse Second Seconds full time. Although it’s been a dream so far, when I first stepped into 2020, I didn’t realize working and reporting to yourself being so hard to navigate. 3 months and the addition of one pooch later, I feel I’ve mastered my technique - for now.

It’s not lost on me that most of you have this ‘working from home’ thing nailed. Getting up 5 mins before you usually start work, hair scraped back, comfys on and binge worthy T.V in tow. However, when it comes to working from home it really isn’t one size fits all. I’m here to share a few tips and tricks that helped me – which will hopefully help you.


Probably the most important item on the list, thus why I’ve placed it first. Whether you commute via foot, car, train… airplane – on a usual working day you’d be stepping into some fresh air for at least a small part of your day. Try a little walk round the block before and/or you start working to clear and energize your mind.

- Stick to schedule.

A lie in to replace commute time? Go for it Hun! However, I would suggest keeping some form of routine so you brain and body can differ between work time and down time. Starting or ending your day with a little exercise (such as the aforenoted walk) can help this along with morning showers, wearing some ‘real clothes’ not just PJ’s and slippers and just getting ready as usual. Something which has helped me is making sure I clear my temporary office space at the end of a working day. Just a little ritual that lets my brain know I’ve clocked off.

- Check your posture.

Most offices have to follow particular guidelines for office desks and chairs to avoid employees forming major posture issues. Some of you may be lucky enough to have a home office but for most it will be a case of dining room table, sofa or in bed camp-out. All this might take a hit on you posture, so I’d recommend nipping it in the bud asap. Self-isolating or not, I always use this this YouTube video – thank me later.

- Background noise.

Your work place more than likely has the radio playing (unless your boss is an absolute dictator, in which case my condolences). The Brucey Bonus of working from home is that you’re the captain now which means you get to pick the station. No more listening to what Karen in accounts wants just because she’s worked for the company for 40 years. My favourite stations, I hear you ask? Radio 6 music or Smooth. Although, my preference of background noise is the radio as it has a nice balance of music and conversion – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Spotify playlists are also a stellar option and if you a god-tier multitasker then maybe some binge worthy TV shows. Music

- Connect.

DO NOT feel guilty to take quick breaks to message the group chat (work, friends or family) – it’s same as having a chat with your colleges when you’re making a cuppa. Work breaks are useful for productivity and during these uncertain times. In addition to this ring someone on your breaks or leave them a ‘lil voice note. Some days if you live alone or with a key worker it might be hours until you physically speak to someone.

- Take a break!

Use your breaks! As usual! They are used for a reason! Recharge! Reset! Have an hours lunch! Do Pilates! Smoke a fag! Whatever, just use your breaks.

- Creating a work space.

If you have a home office then that’s fantastic news for you. But, you might share your space with other occupants? No worries, I’ll tell you how to make an office out of whatever you have. I know some of you work from your bed and it works for you. If anything, I envy you! When I work from the bed I always want to have a nap! But, the bed is still an option for some. Just use the bed itself as the desk and then sit on the floor (a cushion on your bum is allowed, obvs). The bed technique also works for sofas. Dining tables are always an option. Can also be fun to maybe work there with everyone else you share a household with – similar to a communal space. Just remember to prop your laptop up with books to avoid next strain. Dressing tables can also offer similar qualities, just move your make up so you know you’re in business.

- Boundaries

If you’re not a chatty sally, or just prefer to work with space away from everyone else. Let people you live with know! They HAVE to respect your boundaries. If they don’t, there jackasses. With that being said, if you are a keen chatter or prefer to work alongside people – respect if other people don’t want to.

- Clear space.

Last, but maybe most important. Make sure you clear your space. If you like a ‘lil clutter, fine! No one expects you to go minimalistic due to isolation. Just make sure any plates, cups, empty food packet, tissues, etc go into a bin asap. Trust me on this one – it will do wonders for you productivity.

I hope these tips help you in some way! Use them all or use none of them, I can’t tell you how to be most productive but what I do know is that if your struggling in away, please never hesitate to contact me at Second Seconds. Email, Insta, Twitter Facebook – you name it, I’m here!

All my love,

Stevie @ SecondSeconds.